German Medical QualitySince 1923.

We have been working according to the latest scientific and medical findings since 1923, because our research and development department is always up-to-date. We are familiar with all legal requirements, check the changing requirements, identify trends, analyse new active ingredients and the potential to develop new application-oriented product solutions from them. At the same time, we are also developing our existing recipes and optimising them in terms of effectiveness, safety and cost-effectiveness.


We are not only used to meeting the high requirements and strict legislation for medical products that apply in Germany. We are among those who consistently raise their own bar. All of our products are also subject to continuous quality controls and permanent stability tests. Our responsible notified body and authority checks and confirms compliance with defined ISO standards through audits.

This extraordinarily high quality standard for our products and the firm conviction that the best products are developed and manufactured here in Germany distinguish us - in Germany and around the world.

This is what "German Medical Quality" made by Becht stands for

Product-specific certificates

Pro Medix

Highest quality for the best medical care.

Becht is a German pioneer in the development and manufacture of medical quality products with the highest standards. Our products help our customers around the world to provide their patients with optimal care every day.

Care for Life

Best hygienic protection in everyday life.

At work and in public spaces. Our hygiene products offer extremely effective and reliable protection against germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Cooperative Partnership

The best ideas for quality medical products come from real life.

We support our customers as a partner with the entire Becht know-how from 100 years. This is part of our recipe for success. Because the best ideas for safe, high-performance and effective medical products are created where they are used every day with high demands.