Professional prophylaxis

Our prophylaxis pastes ProfiGuard, ProphyRepair and ProfiPolish are not only suitable for the prophylaxis of naturally healthy teeth, but also as a paste for cleaning teeth before surgical interventions and before bleaching. With the prophylaxis paste that is optimally tailored to the respective application, periodontal diseases and tooth decay are ideally prevented. Discolouration and even stubborn plaque can be easily and gently removed with our prophylaxis pastes. Thanks to the pleasant mint taste, your patients will have a lasting feeling of freshness during and after the treatment.


ProfiGuard Prophylactic Paste

95 g
Article REF 480


ProfiPolish Prophylactic paste

95 g
Article REF 481


ProphyRepair Prophylactic Paste

95 g
Article REF 486

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