Root-filling material


Perma Evolution Set

REF 555

Permanent root filling material on the basis of epoxy-amine

5 ml. pack

Available in different variants.

Automix syringe with 5 ml contents, with 20 mixing cannulas and 20 endo tips

After preparing the root canal using standard methods, and if necessary using a temporary filling material (e.g.
Asphaline temp), the root canal is filled with Perma Evolution and guttapercha points. Before use, the cap of the
double-chamber syringe must be removed by turning counter-clockwise. A mixing cannula supplied with the product is attached by inserting the spring of the mixing cannula into the groove in the syringe. The cannula is tightened by turning in a clockwise direction. When you press the piston, both pastes are mixed in the mixing cannula in a ratio of 1:1 to form a ready-to-use paste. The paste can be applied and worked from a mixing block using a lentulo or guttapercha point. Alternatively, the material can be applied directly to the canal openings and coronal part of the canal using Endo tips. After treatment is completed, the cap must be screwed back on to the syringe the mixing cannula discarded.

  • strong adhesion to the dentin
  • working time: 15 minutes
  • outstanding dimensional stability
  • fulfills the requirements of EN ISO 6876 for dental root canal sealing materials
  • radiopaque
  • easy Retreatment
  • setting time: 24 hours
  • free of iodoform and paraformaldehyde
  • suitable for all orthograde root filling techniques

After treatment is completed, the cap must be screwed back on to the syringe and the mixing cannula discarded. Otherwise premixed material in the cannula may flow back into the syringe and cure the epoxy component thus to destroy the contents in the syringe. Apply only into dry root canals. Do 
not use if the syringe is damaged.

Clean all instruments and mixing slabs immediately after use with a 50 % dilution of ethanol in water and traces of detergent.

The mixed root filling paste is workable for 15 minutes approx. Thermic techniques will shorten the workable time. Full setting is reached at 37 °C body temperature within 24 hours. 

Do not use the material on patients who are allergic to epoxy resins, amines or other components of the product. Do not allow unpolymerised pastes to come into contact with the skin or eyes. If eye contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water immediately. Avoid contact with mucous membranes. If the root filling material comes into contact with mucous membranes remove it with suitable materials (e.g. cotton pellets). Rinse out the oral mucosa with plenty of water. In the event of continuing sensitization, seek medical advice. If accidentally swallowed, drink plenty of water. In the event of nausea or feeling unwell, seek medical advice. Indicate batch number ( ) to identify product in case of any occurrence. Dispose product according to official regulations.

Available in these variants


Perma Evolution

5 ml pack
Article REF 555.0

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Article REF 555.1



1 pack Bag
Article REF 555.2

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