Becht disinfectant effective against corona viruses.

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The Corona virus is on the rise. As with all contagious viruses, prevention is the best protection. We offer effective disinfectants for this purpose. When using disinfectants, at least the proof "limited virucidal" is mandatory to ensure effectiveness against enveloped viruses. According to the professional associations, this also applies to coronaviruses. In addition to bactericidal and levurocidal efficacy, a large number of hand, surface and instrument disinfectants from Alfred Becht GmbH have at least limited virucidal efficacy, so that users have a large selection of Becht products at their disposal for effective disinfection in the event of an outbreak of coronavirus. The protection of patients, but also that of staff, can therefore be guaranteed for the described area of application if the disinfectants from Alfred Becht GmbH are used correctly.

Our following product range is based on the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute:

Hand disinfection:

  • Becht4care® Hand Disinfection Gel

Wipe disinfection for surfaces:

  • Becht XL Wipes alcohol-free
  • Becht XL Wipes plus
  • Bechtofix alcohol-free
  • Bechtofix plus

Surface disinfection:

  • Bechtozid Premium
  • Bechtofix plus
  • Bechtozid sensitive
  • Bechtid Premium
  • Bechtozid plus

Surface disinfection/spray foam:

  • Bechtozid soft

Instrument disinfection:

  • Bechtol Premium
  • Bechtol CLASSIC
  • Bechtol S plus


  • Becht Suction plus